At AB Events Services, we provide a wide array of decorative and functional lighting options. We have the capabilities to produce film and theater-quality lighting without any hassle on your part, leaving you free to enjoy the evening in the perfect amount of ambient and direct lighting. 

GOBO: Consider using a gobo to project your company logo onto a grand wall or staircase for a lasting impression!

Uplight(Indoor or Outdoor): Uplights are a classic and classy way to add an extra layer of dimension to your corporate event. They add depth and texture to dinner parties, can highlight a work of art or product, or provide additional ambiance for any live plants or greenery you might want to add to your event.

LED uplight:  Our LEDs are an excellent option for quick, portable lighting. Considering an evening dinner or company picnic under the stars.

Swaging & Lighting: Our Swaging and Lighting is perfect for larger areas, lighting fixtures in combination with fabric swag curtains which can create a truly dramatic effect.

Lasers:  AB Events lasers solutions is great for events with live music! Create an authentic concert atmosphere with flashy lasers that ignite the show, or use laser projectors to display animated and changing logos and designs anywhere in your event space. Lasers add a special kick to any event, especially when paired with our other lighting options!